Marco Bracamontes is a visual communications professional specialized in historic photo exhibits and videography. He has extensive experience researching, visualizing and displaying industrial history in world-class photographic shows. Bracamontes’ work has been presented in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom. His track record includes an Emmy award for best special magazine television series in 2008. Based in Houston, Marco currently has several touring collections being shown in major U.S. cities.

The first historic calendar about the founders of Mexico’s petroleum industry is now available. The 2018 “Mexico: Oil Industry Founders” is the best new business tool for companies involved in Mexico’s booming energy industry. Give clients and prospects a visually exciting and easy-to-read calendar they will always remember. The “Founders” calendar includes a timeline of major events in Mexico’s oil history and an English summary for non-Spanish speakers. Please contact Marco Bracamontes to place an order at: braca_m@hotmail.com



“Cerro Azul #4” the Greatest Oil Well in History

Foto Cerro Azul Ingles
Celebrate the 100th anniversary of “Cerro Azul #4” oil well with a striking composite showcase of its 286,000 barrel oil flow. The “Greatest Oil Well in History” is now available as a decorative picture for your office or home. English and Spanish versions are printed on archival paper and elegantly mounted. For more information contact Marco Bracamontes at braca_m@hotmail.com or 281-793-8577.


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